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The canvas

© aNadventures

I said maybe tomorrow, and pictured 

a canvas, spread across 

the future, ready to be sprinkled on

with dream dust. I thought


of me sitting by your side, facing

the tides of life, holding hands

as the sea gulls reached out

for my hot dog. I planned to wait


for the storm to pass. But it lasted

for as long as my doubts. The waves 

swallowed my pride as I asked for

help, as I put the weight of trust 


on your shoulders, and your hug 

told me everything would be 

just fine, as long as I let go

When I spoke of tomorrow, I meant


an ocean of lemon possibilities. I meant

a lifetime. I meant a rock called home


Note: This poem is inspired by Kate Clanchy’s poem “Patagonia”, which I came upon in her book “How to grow your own poem”.  

From → Tip of my Tongue

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