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Fearless blue giraffe

© aNadventures

I am a fearless blue giraffe.

As soon as I saw it, 

I wanted to adopt it. 

The sentence. 


I’d also adopt a giraffe.

A pocket-sized one.

Or even a horse-sized one. 

I’d adopt its attitude, too.   


Fearless freedom, fluffy fur. 

A mantra looping in my mind.

Low volume, rhythm high.

Brown. Blue. Yellow-mellow.  


Stretching my neck

I can spot a feeling.  

It smells of ginger candles. 

It tastes like chocolate fudge.    


Tell me the truth, day or dark. 

I’m not scared of finding out.

Green. Orange. Lemon pie.

Fearless. Blue. Giraffe.


Happy World Giraffe Day! This poem is dedicated to all wonderful giraffe creatures on this planet. It was inspired by a sentence from Lily King’s novel “Writers & Lovers”: I am a fearless blue giraffe. 

From → Tip of my Tongue

  1. Ana, I’m so sorry I don’t know now I unfolow you then I follow you again. Me and wordpress sometimes are incommensurable…
    You know at the moment I’m with you – kind of and a fearless girafe. And how do I love those eyes, I have a por around my house.
    Nice to ear about you my friend. Hope everything good with you.

    • Olá Irina, it’s so nice you’re back. Thanks for saying hi. I hope you’re doing well. I send you a huge “fearless blue giraffe” hug! 😉

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