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from my fingertips to your heart. 

I’m writing down the story of fall. 


written all over the place. 

Your name 

spells both 

love and anger. 

I’ll never fall for it again, 

I tell myself. 

We both know 

that’s not true. 

The mirror smiles 

my favourite smile

A silent cry. 

I’d like to spread ink 

all over your skin. 

All while the scars 

vanish from within. 


were not 

my first love


won’t be 

my last. 

The tears 

kissing hope goodbye 

are the ones 

that hurt the most. 

A song keeps sailing 

up and down 

the canal of my ears. 


of reunification 

sinking in. 

The smell of pizza 

takes me back 

in time. 

To a bright day 

in July. 

In August

February and March

I’m all but falling 

back for fall. 

Goodbye and fall 

go hand in hand. 


high fives. 

No matter what. 

That’s poetry.  

Happy World Poetry Day to you all! What comes to mind when you think of poetry? 


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