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The pile

© aNadventures

A woman longing for life

comes home

She puts her winter coat on the table

and stretches, lifting her arms up high. 

She puts down her keys

thinking of the doors she’s yet to open. 

She puts down a kiss

her favourite chocolate. 

She puts down the memories

of someone long gone

She puts down the smell of the day.

The smell of a setting sun. 

She puts all that on the table. 

And the thought of a first sip of coffee

on a brand new day. 

She puts her dreams on the table.

The stories and the poems. 

The love and the life.

It’s all on the table. 

The cheese, the olives, the lentil soup.  

Fresh sheets for the bed.  

She puts all that on the table.  

The table stands firmly. 

The table stands strong. 

Just as the woman 

piling up her past,

her present

and her future.

From → Tip of my Tongue

  1. Lindo e profundo Ana.
    Um abraço.

    • Thank you so much, Saania! 🙂 Welcome to aNadventures. I just visited your blog as well and it instantly spoke to me. I’m looking forward to reading you. See you around! 😉

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