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To the home of my soul

© aNadventures

Izmir, it’s me!

I’ve loved you since the day we met. 

Years later, you’re still in my head. 

Still guiding me, my life, my dreams. 

A break, preventing my extremes. 

A slow down

gently hugging me. 

You’re tavla with friends, and tea! 

You’re a reminder to be here and now.

You’re sun and warmth and simply wow.  

The murmur of the sea, 

an intimate voice

whispering wisdoms. 

I have no choice

but listen. 

You’re full of life,

fuel to a heart’s beat. 

You’re memories

a walk to inner places. 

You’re an invitation to get lost

and found. 

You’re orange and yellow 

on a Kordon background. 

You’re the most beautiful place I’ve ever known! 

You’re the place my soul calls home


From → Tip of my Tongue

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