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To the airport that’s closing its doors

© aNadventures

When a door is shut,

we get out of our rut.

New adventures to come,

yet, lonesome.

Mixed feelings inside.

One last time, let’s go for a ride.

Knowing it will be the last

will help us leave it all in the past.

The past years, fears, tears –

it all disappears.

New adventures to come,

yet, lonesome. 

From → Tip of my Tongue

  1. Viver o momento presente, aproveita-lo ao máximo. Poderá não ser o ultimo mas sim, uma abertura para novas aventuras. Quem sabe?
    Um abraço.

  2. Quién sabe? 🙂 Gracias por tus bellas palabras y por tu apoyo, querida Irina! Un abrazo para tí también!

  3. Very sad, I liked this airport very much for its still modern concept of short ways (main building). Good bye TXL 🛌

    • Dear suburban tracker, me too! I’ve never come across any other airport with such short distances. You could almost walk straight from the cab into the plane. 😉

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