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8th aNaversary: Still fond of Turkey

Izmir, my beloved city.

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It’s been a while since I wrote a Turkey appreciation post. Lately, I’ve been exploring other topics and a rather new passion of mine on this blog: poetry. But those of you who’ve known me from the very beginning of my blogging life, might remember that 8 years ago, I moved to Izmir, on the Turkish West coast. 

I lived in Izmir for 1.5 years, a time I’ll always cherish. The purpose of my stay there was a study abroad programme in collaboration with my university in Berlin. All while studying and doing an internship in Turkey, I had the chance to explore the culture, to learn the language and to meet wonderful people who still occupy a special spot in my heart

8 years ago today, I boarded a plane to Izmir for the very first time. Little did I know about the adventures ahead of me. I still find it hard to summarize all the experiences I made throughout those 1.5 years. And I’m extremely thankful to myself for having written about many of them on this blog. The details we tend to forget as time goes by are so very precious. So here’s a compilation of my favourite Turkey-related posts for you to catch a glimpse: 

Turkish culture

Turkish language

How about YOU? Can you relate to any of my experiences? Let me know in the comment section. 

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  1. İzmir’s my hometown and where my family lives but I haven’t been able to visit Turkey since October. I’ve missed my hometown so much but with the coronavirus, it seems I’ll miss it a bit more…

    • Merhaba, Pelin! Anladım. Evet, seyahate çıkmak biraz zor bu günler. 😦 Umarım çok yakında memleketinde ailenle kavuşabileceksin. Dünyada İzmir kadar özel bir yeri görmedim daha. İnsan özler tabi ki.

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