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Wise words from Colombia


On my travels through Colombia earlier this year, the town of Salento located in the Colombian coffee region (Eje Cafetero) and its surroundings were among my favourite discoveries, mainly due to the marvellous nature as well as the tranquil spirit. 

Always on the hunt for wise words, I came upon these ones on a blackboard adjusted to a traditional restaurant: 

Wise words from Colombia.

© aNadventures

Nunca te avergüences de emprender algo aunque fracases.

Porque aquel que no ha fracasado nunca, es porque no ha intentado tampoco nada. 


Which translates into:  

Never be ashamed to tackle something, even if you fail. 

Because those who never fail have not tackled anything either. 


I like the encouragement resonating in these lines. We learn from trial and error, after all. I agree that it’s preferable to try and fail rather than missing out on the what ifs. 

How about YOUR thoughts? When was the last time you tackled something?


You’ll find more wise words here:


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