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7 things I miss about Turkey

Turkish breakfast: Yummy!

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It has been seven years today since I moved to Izmir for my 1.5-year adventure abroad. I’ve been back in Berlin for 5.5 years now and not a single day goes by without me remembering my life in Turkey or without me mentioning it in any kind of way. Spending 1.5 years in Turkey helped me build a version of myself that I’m so very proud of, a version of myself that I adore being with, a version of myself that I deeply care about. I guess this means it meant a lot to me and shaped my personality to a huge extent.

I think my growth process started with me noticing the little things that matter. Many of those little things are the ones I miss about Turkey today. Let me share the following examples with you:


  1. Playing tavla

During lunch breaks my dear colleagues and I would often play a round or two of tavla (backgammon) which is very common in Turkey. Every coffee house or restaurant and most households have it. Tavla is actually suitable for any kind of break. Sometimes, my friends and I would play it for hours and we’d enjoy it so much, we wouldn’t notice how time went by. From my experience, this helped strengthening many relationships as we were entertained and thinking strategically at the same time all while engaging in some bonding.


  1. Sitting

Another way of bonding with people that I enjoyed very much was sitting. In Turkey,   sitting is an actual activity which is usually accompanied by snacks and hot beverages like çay, for example. You can easily just spend a whole morning, afternoon or evening       sitting by each other and chatting away. Back in Germany, where the average pace of life seems to be considerably more accelerated, I’ve found it refreshing to return to my Turkish habit of simply sitting, alone or with others, sipping my tea and contenting myself with my mere existence without the urge of actively doing anything.


  1. Speaking Turkish

I’m in love with the Turkish language. As described in a previous post, Turkish is so very rich in metaphors. Speaking it feels like drawing with your tongue. Whether it’s Turkish names or French expressions, messing it up in Turkish or discovering particularities like word repetitions, expressing yourself in Turkish can be so much fun. Even though there are many opportunities to practice my language skills in Berlin, which is also known as Little Istanbul, I still miss speaking Turkish on a daily basis.


  1. Being a VIP

Another thing I miss is being a VIP. Guests have a special status in Turkey. They’re generally welcomed with open arms and abundantly set tables. If you’re from abroad, chances are high the locals will find you particularly interesting. During my time in Turkey, hardly a day went by without people showing interest in me or complimenting my Turkish language skills. This would happen in random situations like buying a snack from the bakery or ordering something in a café. It often made me feel special and somehow popular and it took me a while to get used to the fact that no one would compliment my German skills once I was back in Berlin simply because I was using the right terms while paying for my toilet paper.


  1. The food

Mantı, iskender, çiğ köfte, abundant Turkish breakfasts… What else is there to say? I really miss the food! I’m lucky I can get almost any necessary ingredient here in Berlin and the nearest kebab place is never too far away. Yet, it all somehow tastes a little bit better emerged in the real Turkish flair.


  1. Taking the ferry boat

For people in Izmir or Istanbul, taking the ferry boat is just another means of getting from one place to another. For me, it always felt like a little adventure. I enjoyed hopping on, grabbing a simit and feeding the sea gulls or simply sitting on deck and enjoying the view. Whenever I got off at my destination, I’d feel refreshed, even after a ride as short as fifteen minutes. Taking the ferry boat was actually part of my daily commute to work. The mere thought of the ride would help me jump out of bed in the mornings. Typing this brings back memories of the sea smell as well as the sun on my skin. How I miss those tiny adventures!


  1. The sun!

As for the sun… It was such a trustworthy companion for most part of the year. In Izmir, it’s not uncommon to wear a t-shirt in November, although the locals will start wearing their jumpers in September, and you can get out your sunglasses as early as in January. When in Turkey, I noticed the weather had such a big impact on my well-being. Just try being sad when it’s sunny and everyone around you seems to be smiling. It just won’t work, will it? Even though I won’t complain about the summers we’ve recently had over here, at 17°C I might start wearing a jumper in September in Berlin, just as the locals would at 27°C in Izmir.


That’s it. Even after all these years, the memory of my Turkey times is still very present. It’s the little things that I’ve come to cherish and that I miss the most.

How about YOU? What do you miss about Turkey or any other place that you’ve come to call home?

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  1. Irina Marques permalink

    Such a luck to live in a beautiful country as Turkey. Never lived there but I was on vacations in some places and fall in love with the place. And as you say, the sun, it’s diferent… all the colors the vibes there, it’s all so diferent and so lovely.
    I only learn a tiny litle bit about this huge country with such a rich past and history.

    And that turkish delight… well… still dream about it.

    • Olá Irina, I’m so happy you enjoyed your vacations in Turkey. The vibes truly are special over there. You’re right, there’s so much to explore in terms of history as well. I guess I’ll never run out of topics on this blog as Turkey will always be a vast source of inspiration. 😉

      I think I wrote a post about Turkish delights as well. I’ll check it.

    • Hi again, Irina. 🙂 Here’s the post dedicated to Turkish delights:

      Which flavour is your favourite? 😉

      • Irina Marques permalink

        😯 All of them! But the ones with pistachio inside… hm… oh, and I saw that coffee. Me and that coffee have an history, not very funny in the end.
        Thank you so much for this incredible posts. ❤🤗

      • Oh, so you’ve been to Izmir as well then, I guess. I’m sorry to read you didn’t have such a nice experience with that coffee. I send you a virtual pistachio delight as a way of comforting you.

      • Irina Marques permalink

        I only stay in Izmir one night.
        The virtual pistachio delight just arrived 😊 Thank you so much 🤗

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