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Wise words from Salamanca


As you may remember from my recent post about Salamanca, that city is simply full of incredible street art.

Some of the pieces of art I encountered there were uplifting, others provided me with food for thought.

Here’s a phrase I came across that I particularly liked:

Wise words from Salamanca.

© aNadventures


As he / she didn’t know it was impossible… he / she simply did it.


This sentence got me thinking: How often do we refrain from doing what we actually want to do, just out of fear of failing? Instead of trying, we often find excuses for why it’s impossible that we succeed. This is human behaviour, I guess. But what if we just take the risk, despite the fear?

What if we just explore that new career path? What if we just write that book? What if we just go out there and let others get to know our true self?

What do YOU think about this? Is there currently anything you’d like to try, if only you knew it was possible?


You’ll find more wise words here:


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  1. Irina Marques permalink

    Wise words.
    If we never try, if we never fail we never learn. If we fail we get lessons from that then we try again. Next time we got that litle thing called experience that make us continue trying.
    Better risk in something that don’t do nothing 🤔
    Great post Ana.

    • Exactly, Irina, I like to think as life in terms of lessons as well. We actually always win “that little thing called experience”, as you nicely expressed it. Thank you. 🙂

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