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7 things I’ve learnt from 7 years of blogging



This is no post like any other. This is a special one. This is the 300th I publish on this blog.

When I started sharing my aNadventures back in 2012, just before moving to Turkey, little did I know I’d still be doing so seven years later. The focus of my stories has been changing and evolving but the fun of putting down my experiences and thoughts has accompanied me all the same. So, to honour the enjoyment and resilience this platform has provided me, I’d like to summarize the most important blogging lessons learnt throughout the last years:


1. Be authentic

Writing means opening up to yourself and your readers. Whenever you write something, chances are high it’s somehow related to a personal experience or a topic close to your heart. You’re wrapping part of your soul into those words you put down. Writing from within and expressing yourself make you vulnerable. But it’s the only way to be credible to yourself and those who read you. It’s the only way to make blogging truly enjoyable.


2. Enjoy the flow

When I write, I tend to forget everything else in my surroundings ― the pain, the rain, the sadness, the madness. I even forget to eat, which is rather unusual. Fellow bloggers and whoever fully emerges in any kind of creative activity may agree that experiencing “flow” is a very special state that makes you be at peace with the present moment. Blogging has provided me with many such flow moments throughout the last years and I’m truly thankful for every single one of them.


3.  Take your time

Sometimes the right words take time to show up. Sometimes you sit in front of a blank page. You type a sentence over and over again. Then you delete a word. You add another one. It’s part of the process. We’ve all been there. And suddenly you’ve accomplished something beautiful, something real. You read your text. You make adjustments. You nod. Good things just tend to take their time if you let them. And when it’s time to hit the “publish” button, you’ll know it.


4. Preserve your anonymity                                                                          

At first sight, this point may clash with being authentic. Nevertheless, I’ve found it helpful to preserve at least part of my “aNanymity” while blogging. It makes me feel more free to share my thoughts. This is why I avoid posting pictures showing people, including me, or letting “real life contacts” know about my blog’s existence.   


5. Engage with your audience

Reading and being read go hand in hand. I’ve found that engaging with my readers and fellow bloggers has been a considerable part of the fun blogging has brought into my life. It’s inspiring to see what others have been up to, what they care about, how they set up their stories. I’ve come to meet so many interesting people through WordPress, some of which I even consider my friends. So, there’s nothing wrong with dropping a comment below a fellow blogger’s post. You never know where this kind of exchange may take you.


6. Know your topics

When I chose a name for my blog seven years ago, I instinctively opted for “aNadventures”, which is a combination of my first name (aNa) and the topic I would like to write about (adventures). My first few blogging years were dominated by Turkey-related subjects. But as the focus of my adventures shifted, I became more and more glad that the name I’d chosen would still be fitting, no matter where life would take me. Life will always be an adventure after all and I’ll always be me, won’t I? What I’m trying to say is that it’s important to align your content to your brand and to be consistent with the topics you write about. Your readers will start recognizing you based on your knowledge of a particular topic. But in the end, I’d recommend not to take all of this too seriously and to just have fun expressing yourself in whatever way you choose to.


7. Add your own little something

Everyone blogs for a slightly different reason. To some, blogging is a creative outlet, to others it’s therapy. And yet others have turned it into a way to earn their living. Some do it for all of these and even other reasons. But what bloggers have in common is that they usually have something to express, some story or insight to share with the world. What I find most interesting to it is that everyone has a different personality and therefore uses a unique style and tone. Every blog I’ve come upon so far has its own little something which distinguishes it from the thousands, if not millions, of others. So be proud of yourself for stepping out there, for making your thoughts resonate, for sharing and inspiring in your very own way. And most importantly, keep on enjoying the ride.


How about YOU? What lessons have you learnt from blogging? I’m looking forward to read about your experiences down in the comment section.

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  1. Such great lessons to have learnt!! I dont think we do start our travel blogs thinking that we will actually still be going on with it 5 or 7 years on just because we enjoy it. I think it is the sharing and the community out there you engage with that keeps one motivated and going. Safe future travels!

    • Exactly! If we were randomly writing to ourselves, we’d experience just a fraction of the fulfilment we gain from sharing and interacting with others. Thank you for the lasting support and I’m looking forward to your future adventures as well. 🙂

  2. Deepak K B permalink

    Really good content…Thanks for sharing…✌️

  3. This comment was meant to go on your most recent post (but for some reason, WP wouldn’t let it post. So I thought I would try posting here, hope it works:

    Beautiful post! I’ve learned that by being my own best friend, I have have peace of mind. Being my best friend means self-care and being guilt-free. It means I don’t worry about what others think and I can live life on my terms. Thank you so much for posting. ❤

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