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Spending 1.5 days in Santiago de Compostela

The Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.

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When I spotted the famous Cathedral walking into Santiago de Compostela on my thirteenth day on the Camino Portugués, I could hardly believe the experience was coming to an end. I could feel my feet slowing down their pace to make the remaining hike last as long as possible.  I felt like the adventure had only just begun and I’d have liked it to last on.

Nonetheless, I was proud to have walked the 260 kilometres all the way from Porto and I was looking forward to have my feet rest for a while. I reached the final destination with a fellow pilgrim who I’d become quite close to on the way. Standing in front of the Cathedral, we congratulated each other and took some pictures as a souvenir. Then we asked ourselves: “Is this it? What are we supposed to do now?”

Food is always a good idea.  So, on we went to treat ourselves to a nice lunch. I stayed in Santiago for one and a half days and found it to be a nice city where you can really feel the pilgrim spirit.

If you ever find yourself there (as a pilgrim) and are wondering about what to do, here you go for some ideas:

  1. Attend the Pilgrim Mass which takes place in the Cathedral every day at noon. It’s a nice way to celebrate your accomplishment and to meet up with familiar faces from the Camino.
  2. Hug the statue of the Apostle James in the Cathedral. This is an old pilgrim tradition.
  3. Get your Compostela from the Pilgrim’s Office. In order to obtain this certificate, you need to show your stamped pilgrim pass to prove you’ve walked at least the last 100 km.
  4. Have churros and hot chocolate for breakfast.
  5. Treat yourself to as many freshly squeezed orange juices as possible.
  6. Have a pedicure. A haircut. A massage. Or all of them.
  7. Send postcards to your loved ones telling them about your adventures as a pilgrim.
  8. Just wander around the streets of the city’s Old Town which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  9. Have tapas for dinner.
  10. Say goodbye to your pilgrim friends.
  11. Reflect on the experience and be thankful for every lesson learnt.
  12. Plan your next camino. Once a pilgrim, always a pilgrim.


How about YOU? Have you ever been to Santiago de Compostela? What did you enjoy most?



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