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Every ending is a new beginning: One out of many favourites

My inner compass knows the way.

© aNadventures

When I started blogging in 2012, the Weekly Photo Challenge was a great source of inspiration and a fantastic way to start connecting with fellow bloggers. The first one I ever participated in was dedicated to the theme “Beyond” and many more followed as I was fond to share my interpretations with the blogging community and get my thoughts and ideas out there. Even though I didn’t participate in all of them, I knew the Weekly Photo Challenge was always there to provide inspiration, when needed. I also immensely enjoyed visiting other bloggers’ pages and seeing what they had made out of the respective challenge.

As the Daily Post staff has announced the ending of the Weekly Photo Challenge era, I simply have to participate in this final edition entitled “All-Time Favourites”. Choosing a favourite picture isn’t easy. There are so many photos I love, especially because I like the story that accompanies them. One of them is my contribution to the “Future” theme. So I’m sharing the image in this post once more.

In this shot, I captured the view from the Torre Tavira in Cádiz, Spain. I like the way the colours are arranged, starting from the bright blue sky and sea towards the white buildings with their red roofs here and there and finally the beige tiled railing in the front. But what I love most about this image is the compass adjusted to the railing. It reminds me of the notion of freedom and the certainty that my inner compass will always guide me. I’m exactly where I have to be right now and no matter what, this inner compass will let me know about the next steps when it’s time. So even when a life experience comes to an end, the next one is just around the corner. Every ending is a new beginning, a new chance to move forward.

How about YOU? Do you trust your inner compass?

For other interpretations of All-Time Favourites, have a look at the last Weekly Photo Challenge.


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  1. Wonderful photo!

  2. Such a wonderful shot, and every thoughtfully framed. Makes me think that if we follow our inner compass, the sky’s the limit. I do try following my inner compass or my intuition. Sometimes that feeling inside you is right, and it is what makes you happy – and that altogether is a powerful feeling. Sad about the photo challenge being no more, but maybe there will be something new ahead 🙂

  3. I love this shot. I somehow miss our rooftop view.

  4. ostendnomadography permalink

    Nice cityscape:)!

  5. Hey, could you tell me why they stopped the challenges? I haven’t been participating in a while but they were such a part of my blogging journey!
    P.S. Your photo looks so cool! *_*

  6. JoHanna Massey permalink

    That is simply a wonderfully composed photograph. Thank you.

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