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It’s time

Credencial del Peregrino

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My mom thinks it’s time for me to focus on my career. My gynecologist thinks it’s time for me to start a family. Well, I think it’s time for me to go on an adventure.

The idea of hiking the Camino de Santiago (The Way of Saint James) has been in my head for quite some time already. I considered it “something I would like to do someday”.  But as I was lying awake the other night, it suddenly struck me: How about NOW? I need to get away, experience something new, breathe some fresh air and get inspired by the unknown.

So I googled the Camino Portugués, the Portuguese route, and made my decision within seconds. This route is said to be ideal for beginners as it’s quite even and less long than the French route.

I bought a one-way plane ticket to Porto (Portugal). I ordered my Credencial del Peregrino, a kind of pilgrimage pass, and got myself some basic equipment, most importantly a backpack and a decent pair of hiking shoes.

Within the next few weeks I’ll be walking a total of about 230 km from Porto to Santiago de Compostela (Spain). I’ll be sleeping in lodgings along the way. As March is ahead of the peak pilgrimage season, I don’t expect to encounter too many people on the route. I don’t have many expectations in general.

I’m just excited. We’ll see what happens and how this experience unfolds. This is something that just feels right to me. Similar to the feeling I had when I decided I’d live in Turkey for a while.

Wish me luck and happy feet! I’ll tell you all about the details when I’m back from my aNadventure.

How about YOU? Any upcoming adventures? Have you ever walked the Camino yourself?

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  1. Hi, will be good to follow your journey. Yes, I did a 317 km Camino in 2011 on the French route, from Leon to Santiago, and will also do the Portuguese in June… Buen Camino!

    • Hi Ewald, muchas gracias! So you’re an experienced hiker already. I’m excited to start my adventure. So you’ll follow my footsteps in June. That’s nice! 🙂

  2. It will be an honor, enjoy your journey fully, and may the Camino provide…

  3. Tolle Entscheidung! Genieße jeden Tag – auch wenn alles weh tut 🙂
    LG, Ricarda

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