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Sibling time and street art tours: London in June

Street art around Brick Lane.

© anadventures

I had only been to London once when I was about eleven years old and all I remembered were the Buckingham Palace’s motionless guards as well as lots of walks in the rain. So when my brother invited me over last year in June, I didn’t have too many expectations about the city itself. All I wanted to do was get away from my routine for a few days, catch up with my brother who was studying there and experience London from his perspective.

I couldn’t have asked for a better tour guide. Not only did he show me the mandatory touristy places in an assertive yet relaxed manner but he also introduced me to his everyday life including his friends, his neighbourhood, the library and his favourite restaurants.

Knowing that I very much enjoy street art, he took me around Brick Lane on a Sunday. I simply loved it. It was full of people and there was a market selling all kinds of street food from across the globe. We could stroll around listening to a variety of musicians playing their tunes all while contemplating the graffiti, posters and other kinds of street art to be discovered wherever we’d lay our eyes.

These are some of the encounters I made:

I left back for Berlin with fresher and brighter memories of London as well as a renewed bond of love towards my dear brother.

How about YOU? Have you recently visited family abroad? What did you particularly enjoy?

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