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Happy New Year – The Soundtrack of 2017

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The year is coming to an end. It’s time to reflect upon the past twelve months and to welcome the new ones. I’ll keep it short this time.

Here’s a compilation of my favourite songs of the year:

  1. By Design (Kid Cudi) – Because it cheered up many lonely winter moments
  2. Quien Manda (Mala Rodriguez) – Because it boosts strength
  3. Tuesday (Burak Yeter) – Because every day of the week is special
  4. Somos Dos (Bomba Estéreo) – Because we’re better together
  5. Partiti adesso (Giusy Ferreri) – Because it reminds me of summer in Italy
  6. Raf (Deeperise feat. Jabbar) – Because it’s soothing
  7. Buscándote (Mike Bahia) – Because you find the most beautiful things when you’re not looking for them
  8. Agüita Bendita (Duina del Mar) – Because it makes me dance
  9. Feels (Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry) – Because it’s about taking risks
  10. Enamorada (Pedrina y Rio) – Because it’s wonderful to be in love
  11. Tutto per una ragione (Benji & Fede feat. Annalisa) – Because everything happens for a reason
  12. Pamplona (Fabri Fibra & Thegiornalisti) – Because both Spain and Italy where important to me this year


What’s YOUR playlist of the year? I wish you all a wonderdul 2018 full of health, joy and memorable moments!


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One Comment
  1. schreibsuechtig permalink

    Liebe Ana,
    ich hoffe, Du hast Silvester mit guter Musik gefeiert und wünsche Dir auch ein wunderbares neues Jahr! Auf das 2018 richtig gut klingt 🙂
    LG, Ricarda

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