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Welcoming summer: Sicily in May

Beach at San Vito Lo Capo, Italy.

© aNadventures

Autumn is settling in. It has been raining for most of the day or at least that’s what I assume because the fog is covering most of the view from my window. I’ve snuggled up in my leisure suit and had a cup of tea accompanied by a decent portion of jam spread on bread – pure comfort food. This seems like the perfect day for writing and commemorating the start of the summer.

It was by the end of May. A few sunrays had already made it to Berlin. Nonetheless, I decided to escape Germany and to spend a week in Italy with my dear friend, simply because Italy is always a good idea. And because May is a great month to get yourself pre-tanned for the summer, don’t you agree?

I flew to the north, near Venice, grabbed my friend and then we headed south to Trapani, in Sicily.

Here you go for some recommendations accompanied by My Mediterranean May Mosaic:  

  1. Rent a car to explore the area. A road trip is always a good idea. A road trip in Italy is an even better one – as long as you park your car somewhere safe.
  2. Visit the many local beaches. My favourite was the one at San Vito Lo Capo.
  3. Have a sea side picnic.
  4. Try a typical cannolo, a tube-shaped pastry filled with ricotta which is a sweet cream.
  5. Take a boat trip to the islands of Favignana and Levanzo; and feel like a mermaid when you slip into the refreshing water.
  6. Take a walk through Trapani by sun set and visit the ancient fortresses which are beautifully illuminated.
  7. Once you’re in Trapani, have lunch / dinner (or both) at A Casa Mia which is located near the port. You’ll be spoiled with excellent food and are very likely to get to interact with the locals.
  8. Take the funicular up to Erice, a historic town.
  9. Make new friends and have aperitivo (aperitif) with them. In many Italian cities, people tend to gather at a bar for drinks and snacks before having an actual dinner.
  10. Close your eyes, feel the sun on your skin and just enjoy the moment.

Thank you, Italy! I’ll be back soon.

How did YOU welcome the summer this year? Did you travel anywhere in May?



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