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Combining work and wanderlust: Kindberg-Aumühl and Graz in March

On my way to Austria,

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By the end of March, it was once more time for me to leave the comfort zone. I travelled down to Austria for a training session with a group of customers from the steel industry. Sounds exciting, right? Not being entirely familiar with the topics I was going to teach them, I felt a little nervous. But I managed to make the best out of it and it actually all turned out to be quite fun.

I found myself on a small propeller plane flying through beautiful sunshine and as we approached the Austrian border, I started spotting mountain after mountain and idyllic valleys in between. The airport in Graz is quite small with not more than ten gates. After landing, I headed to the nearby train station where I waited an hour for the next train to arrive. I had just missed the previous one. So I made myself comfortable on one of the chairs, started chatting away with another person and had a look at the vending machine which sells Kägi, which is actually a Swiss chocolate bar. I remember this caught my attention. Then there was also a gipsy family. The youngest daughter kept smiling at me as she was reaching into her bag of crisps.

I changed trains twice and it took me about two hours to reach Kindberg-Aumühl, my final destination. The landscape was again idyllic. The train made its way through tunnels connecting one valley to the next with their fresh pastures, cows and sheep as well as picture book farm houses.

I walked for about ten minutes to reach the guest house that would host me for two nights. The owner was a very friendly lady who indicated me the three places in town I could grab some food from. In the fading evening sun and equipped with the map she had given me, I made my way to the town centre to have dinner at a pizza place that had about everything on the menu, ranging from Mexican to Turkish cuisine.

I happily walked back to the guest house through the brisk evening air that smelled of grass and cows, the kind of air I had grown up with, and got myself prepared for the next day.

After breakfast, the guest house owner described me how to find the nearby factory. I went and tackled my mission. By noon, the customers and I were the best of friends. They even showed me around the factory and invited me for lunch. After the afternoon session, they drove me back to the guest house. I was very satisfied with how the day had gone. After finishing off some work, I went out for a final stroll through the village. I can now say that I’ve seen about every corner of it, even the graveyard which is located at the very edge of town.

The next morning, the guest house owner drove me to the train station. I still had some time before my flight back to Berlin. So I decided to spend a couple of hours in Graz. I simply walked where my feet would take me. There were beautiful buildings and church towers, a river, a city hall and lots of people wandering around the streets in the midday sun. I walked and walked and eventually returned to the station to take the train to the airport. Happily reading my book, I waited for my plane to be ready for boarding. The flight back went smoothly as well and I returned to Berlin with the familiar holiday sensation, even though I was away for work purposes. I really enjoyed my little adventure and the combination of work and wanderlust.

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