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Best pizza across Berlin: A selection


My love for pizza is a known fact. Ever since I can remember, pizza has been one of my favourite foods. When I was little, I was particularly fond of pizza salami. Later, I developed a keen interest in all sorts of other types as well. Last year, I came upon one of the best pizzas I’ve tried so far when in Naples, Italy. But let me tell you that Berlin, a foodie paradise in itself, has quite a few great pizza places to offer as well. Here’s a selection:

1. I Due Forni

Pizza @ I Due Forni.

One of my favourites in town. I lack the words to describe it. Go find out for yourself:

Schoenhauser Allee 12, 10119 Berlin, Germany

2. La Bionda

Pizza @ La Bionda.

© aNadventures

This one is quite popular as well. Reserving a table is recommended. Try anything containing buffalo mozzarella.

3. Pomodorino

Pizza @ Pomodorino.

© aNadventures

This place is tiny but cozy. And it offers affordable slices topped with pure joy.

4. Standard

Pizza @ Standard.

© aNadventures

Not your average pizza.

5. L’Osteria

Pizza @ L'Osteria.

© aNadventures

The pizzas are huge. Sharing one is actually an option.

6. Vadolì

Pizza @ Vadolì.

© aNadventures

A relatively new place in Charlottenburg that offers varying choices of chef-designed pizza.

7. Pastarium


© aNadventures

Great pizza and pasta, as the name suggests, in the middle of Kreuzberg, close to Bergmannstraße.

How about YOU? Where do you satisfy your appetite for pizza?


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  1. kathae permalink

    I will try all these, but I doubt that any of these places can beat Ristorante Masaniello (Hasenheide 20). I heard from a Neapolitan colleague that it’s one of the best in the city and it’s easily one of my favourite restaurants here in Berlin. 🙂

    • Hi kathae, thanks for stopping by and for the recommendation. I will try it out. You can never have enough good pizza. 🙂

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