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Around the world in seven hours: ITB in March

ITB Berlin, March 2017.

© aNadventures

The World’s Leading Travel Trade Show (ITB) takes place in Berlin every year in March. Countries, regions and cities from all over the globe as well as tour operators, booking portals and hotels from up to 180 different countries gather in this huge tourism trade fair.

The first three days of the event are generally reserved to specialist visitors whereas the last two days are open to the general public. That’s how, this year, I decided to take an extended walk around the world in just about seven hours.

I visited a Kyrgyz yurt, tried some delicious coffee from Costa Rica and savoured a handful of Algerian sweets. I met some smiley Bhutanese people fondly recommending me to visit their country and got captivated by a Colombian dance performance. I sipped Croatian wine, danced to Turkish music and watched a Korean t’ai chi show.

After my walk around the world I left the premises with tons of ideas for future travel destinations. I’m looking forward to my upcoming adventures.

How about YOU? Have you ever visited a tourism trade fair or an event of the sort? Where would you like to travel to next?



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