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Welcoming spring: Madrid in February

The one who loves is the giver, not the one who owns.

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This year’s travel mission is going great so far. Two weeks ago, I found myself on a business trip to Madrid. I was lucky to get to spend a full fifty hours in the Spanish capital.

Apart from working hard, of course, I had the opportunity to explore some corners of this beautiful city. I enjoyed trying some delicious food and being among friendly people. I was welcomed by a bright blue sky and felt the sun caress my cheeks. This felt quite wonderful after its absence throughout the grey winter months in Berlin.

Here’s a list of recommendations for a Madrid stop over:

  1. Have a walk through El Retiro, one of Madrid’s largest parks. You’ll find monuments, statues, fountains, eucalyptus and palm trees, a rose garden and the famous Cristal Palace.
  2. Have a close look at the city’s architecture.
  3. Try some traditional food such as paella, tapas and churros with chocolate. Also enjoy some fresh orange juice and café con leche (coffee with milk).
  4. Feel the vibe of the La Latina district with its bars and graffiti decorations.
  5. Get used to strangers calling you guapa (beautiful) or guapísima (very beautiful).
  6. Enjoy the pleasant humming of people having conversations when you enter a bar or a restaurant.
  7. Pay a visit to the statue of the Madrid bear, the city’s symbol, which is quite small actually compared to how it looks on pictures.
  8. Just wander around, keep your eyes open and let adventures unfold.


I very much enjoyed my fifty hours in Madrid and returned to Berlin with plenty of good vibes. I’m curious about where my March travels will take me.

What about you? Have you ever been to Madrid? What did you particularly like? I’d love to hear about your impressions.  


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