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Leaving the comfort zone: Ulm in January


As I’ve started a new job this year, January has been filled with lots of information and food for thought. New procedures, new products, new tasks and new colleagues all take some time to adjust to. But I know from previous experiences that leaving the comfort zone generally leads to growth. As someone who’s very fond of adventures, I’ve come to consider growth a basic need for me to enjoy life.

Apart from getting used to my new work environment and fighting an evil flu, I’ve spent some time in Ulm recently. That’s where the main branch of the company I work with is located. The main aim of the trip was for me to take part in an introduction week and to receive a formation on the most relevant topics. In the evenings, though, I’ve had a chance to explore this charming middle-sized Southern German town by the Danube river:

What’s there to know about Ulm?

Ulm is located in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, right on the frontier to Bavaria.  The cathedral (Ulmer Münster) is one of its main sights. I also spotted some nice places in the old town when wandering around, among them a lopsided house (to be seen in one of the above pictures). Furthermore, Ulm is Albert Einstein’s hometown. Hans and Sophie Scholl, two famous partisans who opposed the Nazi regime, also grew up there.

My time in Ulm was brief and, as I mentioned, I was struck by a flu which prevented me from undertaking any further explorations. But I’ll be back soon and I’m determined to try some traditional food then. I’ll most probably share my impressions with all of you afterwards.

That’s it for now. I consider a twelfth of this year’s travel mission as completed now.

Where have YOUR January travels taken you? Or have you undertaken any other kind of adventure in your city instead? Feel free to share your experiences in the comment section.


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