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Say my name: Turkish pet names on Coke cans

Turkish pet names on Coke cans.

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We already talked about Turkish names here.

You may have noticed that they’re quite meaningful and romantic in many ways.

There’s also a large variety of Turkish pet namesaşkım (my love), canım (my soul) and bitanem (my one and only) being just some of them.

You probably remember the global Coca-Cola marketing campaign that consisted in selling customized bottles and cans that displayed common customer names. That campaign also included printing pet names and was quite successful since most people could identify with them which led to identification with the product itself.

For other interpretations of names, have a look at this week’s Photo Challenge.


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  1. Such lovely names and messages on the Coca Cola cans. I do remember here in Australia there was that Coke campaign too and you could personalise your Coke cans. So cool and in a way, all these cans are like collectibles. I don’t drink soft drinks all that much, but I do love a can of Coke to cool me down on a very hot summer day here in Australia 🙂

    • Exactly, Mabel, I think these personalizations and collectibles add to Coke’s brand success. I actually got quite thirsty now that we’re talking about it. 😉

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