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12 things I learnt throughout 2016


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I can’t believe another year has passed so quickly. Before I start a new chapter of my life in January, I would like to take a moment to reflect upon the year 2016, which has been a special one. It has been full of joys (and some tears), full of special people and full of moments to remember.  And there have been quite a few lessons as well.

So this is what 2016 has taught me:

  1. Life is more fun if you picture yourself as the main character in your personal TV series.
  2. Health always comes first.
  3. The most powerful people in this world are not necessarily the smartest ones.
  4. Take off your glasses when taking part in a pillow-fight.
  5. Be careful about who you trust at work.
  6. Hard days make you stronger.
  7. No challenge is unbearable with a true friend by your side.
  8. Standing up for your values and beliefs may get you into trouble. But you’ll definitely sleep better and be proud when you look in the mirror if you do so.
  9. Any mission is possible. As long as you set your mind to it.
  10. Pizza is always a good idea.
  11. Taking time off is a good opportunity to reinvent yourself.
  12. Travelling just makes me happy. Ok, I already knew this before 2016…

Thank you, 2016! For the lessons, the love, the laughter and the time to find my inner strength. Welcome, 2017! Let the good times and the growing go on.

What have YOU learnt throughout 2016? I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and reflections. And of course, happy 2017 to all of you! May you be blessed with much love, health and fun adventures. 🙂 


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  1. 2016 – No matter what, life goes on.

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