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Funky future: Following my inner compass

Compass at Torre Tavira.

© aNadventures

This week’s photo challenge inspired me to share a picture taken from the Torre Tavira. With its forty-five metres above sea level, this tower is the tallest building in Cádiz, Spain. From up there, you get a wonderful view on the old town, the bright blue sky and the extensive sea.

When I took the picture, the compass adjusted to the railing particularly caught my attention. It comforted me with the feeling of endless possibilities. This is the way I feel about my future. Anything is possible. A compass also represents a high level of guidance. Ever since I can remember, I’ve trusted my inner compass. If it feels right, it is right.

Whatever adventure still to come, I’m ready to enjoy it. I’ll be sailing my way around treacherous cliffs, avoiding insidious icebergs and making it through tropical storms. I’m neither scared of sinking nor of exploring new routes and roads less travelled. Pirates don’t bother me, either. The only thing I fear is stalling.

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  1. Hello Ana!
    Schön, wieder von Dir zu lesen. Tolles Foto – da bekomme ich auch gleich wieder Lust, in See zu stechen und Abenteuer zu erleben. Die vielen Möglichkeiten, der innere Kompass und der Mut, sich zu trauen und vor allem zu vertrauen – Du schreibst aus meiner Seele 🙂

    Happy Sailing!

    LG, Ricarda

    • Ricarda! 🙂
      Schön, dass du vorbei schaust! Habe die Tage noch an dich gedacht. Ist so einiges passiert seit unserem letzten Treffen. Ich schreibe dir mal privat. Quaaak!

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