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The first letter of the alphabet



Alphabet at a Berlin flea market.

© aNadventures

As a letter and language lover I simply HAD to participate in this week’s Photo Challenge featuring the alphabet. The alphabet accompanies us on a daily basis. Its members are spread all across this world forming words and sentences and shaping communication. We may find it randomly on Berlin flea markets, such as on the picture above. Letters of the alphabet may also be carved into a tree to symbolize eternal love. Or into a padlock.

Let me share the following story with you:

About five years ago I visited a small town in Czech Republic with my boyfriend at the time. We went there to celebrate my birthday and while strolling around, we thought it would be nice to leave a trace of our love. I know… So we grabbed some dark nail varnish and wrote our initials onto a purple pinkish padlock we had brought with us. Then, we went to find a spot for it. We left it dangling from a barbed wire next to a bricked wall. It was a not too obvious yet beautiful place with a marvelous view of the town.

Years went by, hearts were broken and I completely forgot about that padlock. Now, as life goes, I recently found myself in that very same small Czech town. My visit there wasn’t planned at all but once I noticed it was THAT town, I thought I might as well have a look. I was curious to see if the padlock was still at its place. I remembered the path we had walked down at the time and found the bricked wall. I didn’t spot the padlock, though. I kept on walking up to a point where I noticed I had gone too far. So I turned around and followed the bricked wall again until I found the barbed wire bit. I leant onto the wall and had a look at the wire. It must be somewhere here, I thought to myself. I slightly turned my head to the left and there it was. The padlock! All rusty but still holding on to the wire. I couldn’t believe my eyes. For once, it was still there. It wasn’t purple pinkish anymore. It was white. Ok, that’s understandable. The rain must have washed the colour off… But now this story gets a little bit creepy. Out of the two initials only one was left. The “A”. MY initial. See for yourselves:

My padlock.

© aNadventures

The nail varnish somehow turned rusty and carved itself into the padlock in the shape of an A. The other letter completely vanished, though. No trace left. A blank space. That’s the intriguing part. Maybe someone applied nail varnish to it? Is that possible? I bet there’s other stuff to do with one’s life, though. Oh well, I was extremely happy to find the padlock with my initial still hanging there with that beautiful view of the town.

Ana all alone? Absolutely not! I like to think that everything in life happens for a reason and I like the idea of my A having endured all sorts of weather conditions, carving its way deeper and deeper into the metal. I thought about filling the blank space with a letter of my choice. But then I thought it would be better to wait which other of life’s funny surprises may be awaiting me.

For other interpretations of Alphabet have a look here.


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