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Turkish Daylights: Salep          


Guess what I’m drinking right now?

Let me give you a few hints: It’s a Turkish winter drink. It’s neither tea nor coffee. It’s milky with a hint of cinnamon. Correct, it’s salep! The title of this post was quite a spoiler, wasn’t it?

© aNadventures

© aNadventures

Salep is one of my favourite Turkish beverages. It’s the perfect drink for a cozy evening at home or to relax throughout an eventful day. The drink consists of salep powder with sugar that is added to hot milk. Depending on your personal preferences you may add cinnamon, nuts or pistachio. On a cold day, this beverage will warm you up, fill your stomach and make you happy.

Salep is popular in many places that were part of the former Ottoman Empire. The typical salep powder was originally won from wild orchids. Due to the drink’s increased popularity, there has been a decline in the population of these plants, though. That’s why exporting true salep is forbidden in Turkey. Nowadays, there are instant salep mixes called ekspres salep that consist of artificial flavouring. All you have to do is add the powder to your warm milk and that’s it. Very yummy.

Have YOU ever tried salep? What’s your favourite winter drink?


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  1. I can’t wait to try salep! I’ve been waiting for just the right time (50’sF or lower 😉 )! Another winter drink I like a lot right now is boza! The first one I had was sweeter than I expected, so now I am on the hunt for one with less sugar added at the end of the fermentation process. Oh, and coffee is good in any season 😉

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