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The tea trio

© aNadventures

© aNadventures

The first three words a Turkish kid learns to utter are anne (mum), baba (dad) and çay (tea).

In Turkey, you’re very unlikely to go one single day without çay. It comes as a package with hospitality and good company. A glass of çay is served in a small tulip-shaped glass that is put on a traditional little plate. The spoon is a third important component to stirr the sugar you might want to add to the beverage.

For other interpretations of Trio have a look here.

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  1. I love this composition, and the splashes of pink.

  2. I’ve found that tea has replaced coffee in my life haha. But it can’t quite fill the space :'(. How I miss my multiflavored American filtered coffee. Sigh

    • Oh yeah, but can’t you get the flavoured stuff at Starbucks? Quite expensive, though, I must admit.

      • Exactly! Hence the reason I don’t :'(. But even starbucks isn’t quite the same, because in the US you can often buy coffee already infused with flavors- rather than using flavored syrup or creamer. My favorite flavor is southern pecan, which is unique to the southeast US because pecans only grow in North America, and they are plentiful in my region <3. Oh pecan, how I miss thee!

      • It’s fun to miss stuff from your home country. We often learn to appreciate things we take for granted once they’re not at reach anymore. But Turkey offers plenty of alternatives, that’s for sure. 😉

  3. Love it with honey… and açık for me please. The composition is so natural.

    • Oh yes, açık is my way to have it as well. Haven’t tried it with honey, though. Thanks for the hint.

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