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Istanbul in flow motion


Just as I was getting a little nostalgic, thinking about leaving my grey November life and returning to Turkey, I found the following video in my inbox. Seems like Turkish Airlines knows about my preferred travel destinations. I don’t remember ever having subscribed to their newsletter but that’s a different story. Have a look at this “flow motion“ video to get a glimpse of the beauty of Istanbul:

Have YOU ever been to Istanbul or anywhere else in Turkey? What did you particularly like?

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  1. İstanbul scares me hahaha! Idk maybe because when I first came to Turkey (we flew into Istanbul and ran through taksim to get to a bus station, toting rolling luggages) I felt like it was so crowded and everyone was looking at me. Even when we visited with friends and they showed us around, it was still not my cup of tea. Maybe I’d like it more now that I’m not like a deer in headlights lol. Izmir for liiiifffeee!

    • Oh , there’s no place like Izmir, that’s for sure! I totally agree with you. Living in Istanbul wouldn’t be my cup of tea, either. But if you’ve got time (as in you don’t need to get from A to B within a specific time frame) it’s definitely worth a visit. Gezmek için şahane bir yer, hayat için zor. 😉

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