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Messing it up in Turkish

© aNadventures

© aNadventures

As I have already mentioned previously, Turkish is a language full of imagery. There are so many idioms that help you draw with your tongue in order to express yourself.

Just recently, I remembered a Turkish idiom I particularly like: kaş yapayım derken göz çıkarmak. Its literal translation would be something like “to take out an eye while wanting to do one’s eyebrow“.

This basically means having the best of intentions but messing it up in the end. The situation that helped me memorize this idiom is the following one:

When I lived in Izmir I shared a flat with two lovely flat mates and a little dog. One day, our hoover didn’t work anymore. The bag was full and needed to be replaced. No problem, I thought to myself and set to work. I actually had to throw out the whole bag because it was all moist and soggy and at the same time I must have disposed of the foam sponge filter that was somewhere attached to the whole mess. When my flat mate noticed I had thrown the filter away, she got mad at me. She kept saying: Aferin, Ana, aferin! (Well done, Ana, well done!)

Oh well, at least I got to remember that expression from then on and I certainly learnt to watch out for the filter when changing a hoover bag.

When was the last time YOU took an eye out while wanting to do the eyebrow? Are there similar expressions in your language?


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