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13 reasons to love autumn

© aNadventures

© aNadventures

The hot summer days are over and I can feel myself falling for fall once again. Here’s why:

1. Isn’t it fun stepping on fallen leaves and hearing the “crunching“ sound?

2. You can take a walk and inhale the pure brisk autumn air. If you’re lucky there may be some sun involved as well.

3. You can finally spend all day snuggled up with a book without feeling the need to go outdoors.

4. You can wear cozy clothes and a scarf again.

5. And woolen socks and warm slippers.

6. It’s candle time!

7. You can dress up for Halloween.

8. Have I mentioned jumping into a pile of leaves?

9. Uh and baking, lots of baking.

10. How about sending a hand-written letter to your loved ones?

11. Give ice cream a break. Chocolate is back in business.

12. So are tea and steaming soups.

13. NaBloPoMo is just around the corner. Watch out for news coming soon.

What do YOU love about autumn? I’d love to read about your impressions and ideas.  


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  1. Still waiting for the crunchy leaves here in Ankara, I cannot believe they have barely started changing yet! But yes to the scarves. Just got mine out again. ❤

  2. True, palm trees hardly ever change the colour of their leaves. 😀
    I also remember walking around in a T-shirt in November when I was in Izmir. The locals had already started wearing boots and scarves though. Happy almost-November from Berlin to Ankara. 🙂

  3. The leafs falling beautifully it’s always a beautiful sight♡

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