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3rd aNaversary: And the journey goes on


As I just logged into my WordPress account, I was greeted by this notification:

3rd aNaversary

Yesterday marked the third aNaversary of this blog. Three years already?

Just the other day, I was joking around that my life could be classified into three periods:

First, there’s life BT: Before Turkey.

Then, there’s life TT: Throughout Turkey.

And finally, there’s everything that happened AT: After Turkey.

I created this blog BT, just before starting my 1.5 year study and work abroad adventure in Turkey.

Here’s my one and only post BT:

And this is a selection of my favourite TT posts:

This is some of what happened AT:

I must admit, it’s still all pretty much Turkey-related. But I’m moving on. And I’d be happy for you to continue the journey with me. Thank you, dear followers and readers, for being out there and for supporting my aNadventures.

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