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Creepy monk

© aNadventures

© aNadventures

I love flea markets. Striving through alleys filled with antique items telling stories. Rummaging in counters full of books and all sorts of stuff we actually don’t need but that’s nice to look at. Finding inspiration for home decorations and gift ideas. This sounds like the perfect Sunday afternoon pastime, just after an extensive brunch.

Berlin is a great place for visiting flea markets. The most popular one is the one at Mauerpark. I personally prefer the smaller, less touristy ones such as the flea markets at Boxhagener Platz, Straße des 17. Juni or Wintherfeldplatz.

Last Sunday, I went to a flea market near Fehrbelliner Platz which I also quite liked. I even encountered an item matching this weeks’s Photo Challenge. The monk pictured above just looks perfectly creepy with his glass in one hand, the bottle-opener in the other hand and that dodgy smile of his.

Do YOU like flea markets? Which one is your favourite? And what’s the creepies thing you’ve ever come across at a flea market?

For other interpretations of Creepy have a look here.

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