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Colour hunting in Zürich


This week’s photo challenge inspired me to go on a photo tour in Zürich, Switzerland’s largest city.

Here’s what I came up with:

Red: The Swiss flag blowing in the wind, attached to a boat on Lake Zürich. This reminded me of the ferry boats in Izmir and Istanbul that I used to take as a common means of transportation. The colours of the Turkish and the Swiss flag are the same which probably enhances this association.

Orange: Migros – one of Switzerland’s two largest supermarket chains that I first came across when living in Turkey.

Yellow: The zebra crossings are yellow over here (in Germany they’re white). I was quite surprised by the fact that cars actually stop when you’re standing near them (in Turkey they don’t).

Green: Schnägg is the Swiss German term for Schnecke (snail). And apparently it’s also a place for buying snacks.

Blue: The blue trams are characteristic of Zürich’s public transportation system.

Indigo: I came across quite a lot of graffiti throughout my stroll through the city. This one, featuring indigo, is to be found on the Quäibrücke, the bridge right next to where the boats are on Lake Zürich.

Violet: The city of Zürich looks particularly beautiful in summer. These flowers I encountered on the window ledge of a cute little shop add up to the rainbow.

For other interpretations of “ROY G. BVI” have a look here.


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