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Bluejay is out of town

© aNadventures

© aNadventures

”Hey, this is Bluejay. I need to leave town for a few days and I was wondering if you could take care of Bob in the meantime… Ummm, yeah, that’s about it. Give me a call when you hear this.”

As I was listening to my friend’s voice on the mailbox I thought Sure, why not? and that’s how Bob and I ended up spending a weekend together.

Bluejay dropped him off at my place and the first thing Bob did was smell my feet. Then he looked up at me and wagged his tail. He ran past me and inspected every room. I found out that he particularly enjoyed the view from the balcony. We spent a few hours watching the neighbours down in the garden. I told him about the lady that spreads all the rumours, about the retired teacher across the hall and the soon to move in couple. Bob attentively listened to every one of my words and kept on wagging his tail.

Don’t ask me about his breed. All I can tell you is that it’s a short brown one, a cute little fellow. On Sunday morning I gave him a plate full of pancakes and generously poured syrup on top. I don’t know if you’re supposed to do that but he quite liked it.

As I started writing down my thoughts on a piece of paper, a drop of ink fell from the balcony all the way onto the ground floor. The “rumour lady” looked up from the garden and blinked at me, greeting me with a nod. Then she looked at Bob and he barked  ̶  one of those happy barks.

Everyone should have a dog named Bob.

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