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Thank you! – Danke! – ¡Gracias! – Merci! – Teşekkürler!

© aNadventures

© aNadventures

Today is a special day. This is not just any post. It’s the 200th post I publish on this blog. Already?! Wow! Let’s celebrate! I invite you all to a virtual glass of çay and of course there’s lots of chocolate as well. Afiyet olsun, everyone, enjoy!

I’d like to thank you all for following, reading and commenting on my aNadventures. Throughout the last years, this blog has been a great platform for expressing my thoughts and ideas, for playing around with words and pictures and for getting to know like minded bloggers from all around the world:

© aNadventures

© aNadventures

That’s you. Ranging from Afghanistan to Zambia  ̶  danke for being out there. If you weren’t, I’d probably write it all down anyway but it’s just much more fun to actually have a network to share my impressions with, to interact with and to be inspired by.

A special gracias also goes out to my brother who is a regular reader and probably part of the reason why I’ve got so many views in Germany.

If you’re a new visitor, you’re most welcome to join the conversation at any time. Just make yourself at home. Merci!

And finally, teşekkürler to Turkey and its people that inspired a large part of my contributions on this blog so far, just by being as coulourful of a nation as it is.

Enough words, let’s dance!

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  1. lagiraffa permalink

    From Italy too 😀 Congratulations!

  2. Gefeliciteerd (from Belgium!) with your 200th post! That’s a huge accomplishment!

  3. Собака лежит на полу 😀 Congrats on 200h post, Thank you WordPress for such a wonderful and faithful friend!
    Greetings from KG

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