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Enveloped in our own reality

© aNadventures

© aNadventures

In the process of clearing out my room, I just came across an old notebook. Amongst lots of Turkish phrases and framed in bright colours, I recognized my own hand writing stating the following words:

“Try to see people in their own context.”

We tend to be absorbed by our own way of understanding the world. We sometimes don’t dare thinking out of the box and are caught in a kind of tunnel perspective. We assume that our own truth ought to be everyone else’s.

Take the above picture, for instance. What do you see? A beach, some buildings, palm trees and two dozens of boats?

Depending on your personal background, experiences and mood you may think it’s way too cloudy for spending a day at the beach or that you’re too busy for relaxation. Or you may regret having left your swimsuit at home…

Being focused on what you “see” may prevent you from noticing the bright sun beyond the stone frame in the picture. You may overlook that throughout busy times, relaxation is what you need the most. Or that you don’t necessarily need a swimsuit to go swimming. But then again, that’s another matter of personal perspective

For other interpretations of Enveloped, have a look at this week’s Photo Challenge.

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