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Best Burgers across Germany: A selection


A burger isn’t just a burger. It’s happiness between two slices of bread. Everyone has their own interpretation of it. You don’t necessarily have to be a “meatophile”. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a vegetarian burger as well, such as leaving out the meat and replacing it by assorted vegetables, halloumi cheese and various sauce creations.

This year, I’ve tried burger places across Germany on several occasions and I hereby proudly present you the three winners that convinced my palate.

#1 Berlin Burger International (BBI)

Berlin Burger International is a stand not much larger than a caravan in Berlin’s Neukölln district. A handful of gentlemen works at a flaming grill making your fondest burger wishes come true.  Bacon, fresh guacamole sauce, goat cheese, caramelized onions, crispy chicken, halloumi cheese and of course pure beef… They have it all and the queue says it all. The food is certainly worth the wait. Just make sure to queue up before you’re actually starving and you’ll be fine. The burger prices range between 5€ and 7.50€. Make sure to try the delicious chillie-cheese fries as well. There are a number of benches to enjoy your burger outside and believe it or not, they’re even full throughout the winter months. Just beware of pick pockets in the area. But again, great burgers and one of my favourite food discoveries of the year.

#2 Whatsbeef

Whatsbeef is located in Düsseldorf and offers fresh ecological products from the region in an American dinner setting. It’s all self-service but there are plenty of sitting opportunities. Again, there might be a queue during rush hours but you can entertain yourself by looking at the decorations or all the happily munching people. On the menu, there’s a simple selection of classic, vegetarian and vegan burgers that you can personalize with assorted ingredients, if you wish so. Prices are of about 7-8€, unless you go for the high grade Irish waygu beef option that is considerably more expensive (14€). You can choose from various sides, salads and sauces. I highly recommend the home made fresh lemonade as well.

#3 Hans im Glück

Once upon a time in Germany, a new burger franchise came into existence. In accordance with a fairy tale called Hans im Glück (Hans in Luck) by the Grimm brothers, this place offers a large variety of burger creations to enjoy in a fairy tale setting. Wooden tables, real trees and a menu that looks like a children’s book. The burger choices include various sorts of bread as well as meaty and vegetarian ingredients. I particularly liked the goat cheese one with fig sauce. The burger prices vary between 6.40 and 8.60€. If you add 7.50€ to your bill, you may get a portion of fries (or a salad) and a cocktail (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) as well. This offer is cheaper during lunch time. Hans im Glück has branches in many cities across Germany, including Berlin and München. The place is crowded and noisy but the service is extremely friendly. Oh, and don’t forget to order a delicious brownie cake as a dessert.

All three of the tested places provide delicious burgers and they excel in different fields, depending on what you’re looking for:

#1 Berlin Burger International: taste

#2 Whatsbeef: setting

#3 Hans im Glück: service

What’s YOUR favourite burger place? Or do you prefer creating your own burger at home?  What does your dream burger taste of?

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  1. I haven’t really found any place to have burgers here in Turkey. I used to have one with a burger patty with hazelnuts which I quite like. Now I’m just hoping there’s somewhere in Ankara that does bean burgers else no burgers for me until I can make my own or I’m somewhere that have them. I do like caramelised onions on my burgers, for some reason!

    • True! I also quite missed burgers every now and then when I was in Turkey. There’s Burger King but it’s just not the same… With all the delicious Turkish food though, we shouldn’t complain, huh? 😉

      • Haha, i have a thing against fast food chains so Burger King has and would never be an option. And yes, Turkish food rocks!

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