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November Travels #2: Lots of meat in München and Freistadt


After a productive and insightful week in Düsseldorf full of (food) encounters, a quick stop-over back in Berlin including some kebab-testing and a visit to the Nationalgalerie im Hamburger Bahnhof, my second November Travels led me to München in Bavaria (Southern Germany) and Freistadt, a small town in Austria.

Never having been to München (Munich) before, this was quite an interesting trip. I had heard of the famous Oktoberfest and seen pictures of people wearing the traditional clothing and all that but actually being in the city was quite special. It felt like being abroad. People talk differently down there. I like their accent. The city is quite small, compared to Berlin, and the center allows for on-foot explorations.

Should you ever have a stop-over down there, I recommend you to:

  • Visit the Münchner Stadtmuseum (the city museum).
  • Watch the carillon at the town hall (every day at noon).
  • Have a traditional meal at one of the many breweries.
  • Visit the German Museum (Deutsches Museum).
  • Find yourself a cozy café to warm yourself up (if you’re there during the winter months).
  • Stay at Hotel Brack (they have clean rooms, direct access to public transportation, incredible breakfast and very friendly staff).
  • Watch out for the Turkstreet (Türkenstraße).



After two full days in München, my next stop was Freistadt, Austria, for a family reunion. I was once more impressed by the friendliness of the Austrian people and surprised at how hearty their meals are. Their dishes resemble the Southern German ones. After an allergic reaction to all the meat I ate in München, I tried to avoid porc this time and went for something “lamby” instead. In a local restaurant, I selected a plate called Beuschl which was supposed to contain lamb. Our Austrian friends were surprised about my choice. They told me that the locals either love it or hate it but that there’s nothing in between. I tried it. There were very fine bits of meat, like a ragout, in a brown sauce with a dumpling placed in the middle of the plate. It was salty but good. The next day, I was asked by someone else what I had had the previous night. As I told her, again, the same surprised reaction at my choice. Do you actually know what you ate there? Oh, I wish I hadn’t asked for a detailed explanation. Turns out the famous Beuschl is made out of heart, lungs, spleen and liver. Oh well, at least I didn’t get any allergic reaction to THAT.



Apart from the food experiences, I came across castles and fairy-tale landscapes throughout my stay in Freistadt. The buildings and façades reminded me of the ones in neighbouring Czech Republic. Good times. I certainly can’t complain about my November Travels.

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