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Wise words from an animated monkey


When I was eight, I cried my eyes out in a cinema as Mufasa died. It was quite a traumatic experience. Nonetheless, The Lion King became one of my favourite Disney movies at the time, partly because little Simba reminded me of one of my young cousins. I grew up with Disney movies. They shaped my world perception and nourished my values year after year.

Do you remember the monkey in The Lion King? His name’s Rafiki. I remember him as an old wise character who knows about the big secrets of life. He talks in riddles. I never really understood his words. I just assumed they were trustworthy from the tone of his voice and his accompanying gestures, like giving the main character a gentle slap on the back and urging him to do the right thing and return to his kingdom.

Recently, I came across this picture:

Courtesy of Disney

Courtesy of Disney

So that got me thinking: THAT’s what  Rafiki’s words were all about? Well yes, they make perfect sense to me now. NOW. I have to smile at my eight-year-old self for not understanding them at the time and holding them to be some sort of upper world science. Isn’t it funny how our perception of wisdom, of life in general, changes over the years?

Have YOU ever noticed anything similar? How about your childhood impressions of wisdom?  

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