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September Travels: The sweet taste of Berlin


After a holiday in Québec this August, my September travels were more of the local kind. I stayed in Berlin and attended the Naschmarkt, a market for everyone with a sweet tooth.

The Naschmarkt takes place every three months in a covered market area (Markthalle Neun) in the district of Kreuzberg.

Muffins, marshmallows and macarons, cookie and chocolate creations, cakes and creams and smoothies and… You name it, you’ll find it.

What’s special about this market is that it presents Slow Food ­– ecologically friendly, good quality and fair products created by local manufacturers. You get to taste a variety of special creations, attend seminars and engage in conversations with the producers. My friend and I had a long talk with a chocolate manufacturer who explained that chocolate-licorice creations seem to be less popular than chocolate-chili ones. But there certainly are no limits to our “chocolaty imaginations”.

The next Naschmarkt will take place on December, 7th from 12 to 6pm providing special Christmas foretastes. See you there, sweet Berliners!

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