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What inspires me?

© aNadventures

© aNadventures

Today I had a conversation with a friend who told me about an assignment for her Entrepreneurship class. The professor had asked everyone in the group to think about five things that inspire them. And that’s how my friend inspired me to write this post.

The list of things inspiring me is not limited to five points only but here’s a selection:



“It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small. And the fears that once controlled me, can’t get to me at all.”

[Elsa, character from Disney’s Frozen  ̶  a movie that inspires me, by the way]

Leaving my routine for a few days and breathing different air. Being around new people, new tastes, new smells, new sights… Throughout my travels to Québec, for example, I came up with plenty of ideas for new blog posts.


I remember my little niece inviting me over to hers to show me her doll that has GLITTER on her. She emphasized the word GLITTER and her eyes were shining. It reminded me that life can be so beautiful. All we have to do is open up to the magic around and within us.

Taking a shower

I step in, turn on the hot water and my thoughts and ideas just start flowing. The shower is my favourite place for reflection and brainstorming.


Sharing my thoughts with the world generates more thoughts and ideas. At the same time, there are many great bloggers out there inspiring me, especially those transmitting a positive message.

Random stuff

Such as a mandarin peel that looks like the South American continent.


As you can see, there are quite some things that inspire me. What inspires YOU?

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  1. A long walk on a cold morning will always give me some inspiration- as soon as I manage to get past the being horrid and cold part!!

    • That’s a nice one! The getting up and the cold part may be hard, though. But that’s what hot chocolate is for (afterwards). 😉

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