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Berlin by night


I’ve been in love with Berlin even well before moving here in early 2010. I remember the first time I came to visit one of my dear friends that had moved here right after school. She took me to see all the sights and the one that stood out most to me was the Gedächtniskirche, which translates as memorial church. It’s basically just a church with a huge hole in its roof top that was caused from severe bombing during World War II. The damaged part has been kept as a symbol of peace and its ground floor has been turned into a memorial hall. Well, others wouldn’t refer to it as being particularly spectacular but to me that church has always been so beautiful. Whenever I look at it, and I don’t intend to sound cheesy here, it seems so peaceful to me and puts me at ease.


© aNadventures

© aNadventures


So tonight I went and took a picture of my favourite Berlin sight by night. Throughout my daily routines I sometimes forget where I’m standing but contemplating the church tonight made me realize once more that I actually live in Berlin. My parents told me that they once took me here when I was still a toddler and that I had liked “the house with the star” very much. The star actually is the Mercedes Benz symbol turning around on the building right next to the church.  Oh well, it must be fate that I can see that star from my balcony nowadays.

What’s your favourite sight in the city you live in? Do you prefer visiting it by day or by night?

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  1. I lived in Berlin 1982-1984, when the wall was still a part of reality. I have a cross-stitch I made with the title “Berlin by night/Berlin bei Nacht” — it’s of the church and memorial, and represents so many of the emotions of my time there as a member of the US Army. It’s been almost 35 years, and I don’t think I’ve seen this perspective at night since then. Thank you for this photo — it’s the perfect interpretation of this challenge.

    • Cindi, I’m happy to read you’ve got your very own attachment to this city and the picture I shared. It must have been very different around here at the time. I’m intrigued about your experiences as a member of the US Army back then in Berlin. I see you have shared some insights on your blog about it and will go have a closer look. Thank you for your comment.

      • I haven’t been back to Berlin since 1984; from my reading and the photos I’ve seen — and conversations with family members who have traveled there — yes, it’s very different! I wish I had more photos of what I saw the two years I lived there, but my focus was so different compared to who I am now. New wife, and then a new parent, away from my home country and extended family; our surroundings were just that, surroundings. I didn’t think about the living history I was experiencing.

        Thank you again for your photo. Because of the cross-stitch I’d made which hung on my family’s wall for years, it really does represent **Berlin** — and that moment in my family’s time — to me!

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