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Don’t be ugly

© aNadventures

© aNadventures


A group of children is playing on the street. There’s a little girl wearing a pink princess dress. One of those fluffy ones. She’s pushing a bike, surrounded by three boys.

“You’re the fattest one in your family!“, one of the boys exclaims, referring to the little girl as I’m just passing them. The others laugh. “And you’re the ugliest one in your family!“, the girl replies. Again, collective laughter.

I freeze and turn around. The little girl is indeed a bit chubby. She looks so cute, though, especially in that princess dress. I’m not sure about how to act. I’d like to go hug her, tell her she’s not fat, she’s beautiful. I’d like to prevent her from growing up with a complex and low self-esteem. But she seems to be self-confident enough about it. It’s hard to hear the sound of a cracking heart from the outside, though. The boy who insulted her happens to be chubby himself, by the way. It makes me sad to hear these children talk to each other like this.

I keep on dwelling on the comments they have made about each other as I continue my way and the children are happily playing again. Maybe none of this will have an impact on their personal developments. Maybe it’s just me being overly sensitive. But maybe it will and maybe they’ll make the mistake of hurting the ones they care about most.

Don’t be ugly. Especially to the people you love.


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