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July Travels: Berlin


Having been to Eskişehir (January) and Manisa (February), having explored new corners of Izmir (March) and travelled to Lisbon (April), Osnabrück (May) and Potsdam (June), it’s now time to dedicate a post to the wonderful city I live in: Berlin.

I had a visitor in July whom I showed around my favourite corners of the city and who made me fall in love with Berlin all over again, pointing out the many advantages and fun sides of living in such a diverse and crazy city. Having a visitor around makes you discover new parts of town, notice some details and appreciate your city from a fresh point of view. That’s how it was for me, at least. Here’s a little compilation of our time exploring my home town of choice:

Have you ever been to Berlin? What did you particularly like?


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  1. Such great images!

    I was in a different Berlin: early 1980’s, divided by the Wall. Your images of Alexanderplatz, Brandenburg Gate, Charlottenburg Palace, Kaiser Wilhelm Church look so familiar and yet *different* — fresh and modern, yet timeless and enduring.

    And curry wurst! Oh yum; I’d forgotten how much I loved that!

    • Cindi, Berlin must have been so different back then. It’s incredible how full of history this city is. Sometimes I’m not even aware of it but then a little something draws my attention to all that has happened in the course of the last decades, centuries… The city has so many stories to tell. I’m glad you recognized some places. Do you have any plans to return at some point? I bet the taste of curry wurst hasn’t changed that much. 😉

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this detailed selection of images. I love Berlin too but I don’t know it quite as well as you so this is a blast to share your insight!

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