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June Travels: Cheesecake in Potsdam


As one of my 2014 projects, I’m taking at least one trip every month. This can be far (e.g. to another country) or near (within the country or city). In June, I went to Potsdam, a city southwest of Berlin. The Sanssouci Palace and its beautiful garden parks represent Germany’s largest World Heritage Site.

I had been to Potsdam before to visit the palace and other touristic sites.  This time, I had a mission of a different kind: Trying the famous cheesecake at Das Käsekuchen-Café in the Dutch Quarter. It had been highly recommended to me and I was not deceived. Their cakes are absolutely delicious and so generously portioned that I couldn’t even finish mine. Whether you prefer fruity or nutty tastes, they have a large variety of ingredient choices. The café is small and cozy and the staff is particularly friendly. So, all in all this was quite worth a visit.

What was your last memorable palate experience in your city or elsewhere? Share your experiences with the rest of us.  

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