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What we leave behind is never gone

Things we start we should get done

By the time we know our path

We’re fairly close to the aftermath

Live intensely, do it now

Be a queen and get that vow

Promise you’ll never give up

Keep your word and live it up

Honour family and friends

Forget about those beauty trends

Who you are is just inside

Wear your smile with pride

Lucky you and lucky me

Shiny drops in a giant sea

All of us shall one day go

Leaving the stage of the show

And when the curtains are about to fall

Let me thank you all

For the fun times and the sad

For the memories we had

Leaving tears of joy

On the floor and on my teddy toy


For more interpretations of Leftovers have a look at this week’s Writing Challenge.

From → Getting started

  1. Hey, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! If you’re interested in accepting it, please head to my blog to find out how to: (it’s some sort of chain letter and quite fun).

    Happy bloggings!

  2. Your poetry rocks! The first line hooked me in, so strong and optimistic. Thanks for sharing this super verse.

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