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May Travels: Screaming for ice cream


Travelling in Germany has become so much cheaper and convenient since the liberalization of the long distance bus system. Up until the end of 2012, you had to make use of the expensive rail way network which often included over-crowded trains and considerable time delays. But now it’s possible to take busses within Germany, just the way I’m used to from my Turkish travels. You hop in, you lay back and a few hours and some mini breaks later you are at the destination of your choice. Travelling by bus may not be the fastest method of getting from A to B but you may certainly gain quite some insights into a region’s countryside as you can see the fields and towns passing by your window.

On the German highway.

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In May, I went to visit my sister in Osnabrück, a medium-sized university city in Lower Saxony. One of the highlights of my visit was that I got to try Schlecks – the best ice cream creation I’ve come across in my twenty something years as a gourmand.

So, this is how it works: You choose how many scoops you’d like. A sauce (white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate) is spread on an edible waffle cup. You select your ice cream flavours: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon, yoghurt or the flavour of the month that changes on a regular basis (once a month). Then you’re free to opt for further ingredients from endless possibilities ranging from various fruits to cookies to chocolate bars to nuts to gummy bears… Your chosen ingredients are then mixed with your ice cream scoops until they turn into some unidentifiable goo. The mix is gently placed into the waffle. You may finally choose a sauce (e.g. chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, coffee, strawberry, raspberry… again, the options are multiple) and violà. Enjoy your individually tailored ice cream!

So far, Schlecks only operates in that one store so Osnabrück may be a destination for you to consider any time you need a sweet escape.

Talking of sweet stuff, it’s day five of my Ramazan Challenge Vol. 2 and it’s going pretty well. No relapse nor any other inconvenient situations. I’m holding on there.

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