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Turkish Daylights: Breakfast time!



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Turkish breakfasts are the best. They are simple but complete. Your palate will fall in love with the incredible green and black olives, simit (sesame ring), fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, various types of cheese, sucuk (a kind of sausage – not my favourite though), fried vegetables, egg creations, jams, honey and lots of çay. You might even get used to the French fries.

Sundays are particularly suitable for an extended breakfast with family and friends, either prepared at home or served in a restaurant.

Afiyet olsun!


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  1. Turkish breakfast is just gorgeous! I personally like the biberli zeytin, so much better I think than the normal ones. I don’t think i can go without cucumbers or white cheese for breakfast now.

    • Exactly, Turkish breakfast is fantastic! My favourites are the black zeytin, I could eat them by the bucket. 😉

  2. What would you say about being vegetarian and traveling in Turkey? My sister is studying abroad in Istanbul and I would love to visit her but I am uncertain about the food, as I don’t eat meat or fish.

    • Dear kari’d away (great name),
      the Turks love meat and fish and vegetarianism doesn’t seem to be as popular over there as elsewhere in the world. But trust me, you won’t stay hungry. There’s lots of delicious vegetarian dishes as well such as çiğ köfte (the bulgur version), lentil soup, lentil balls, mantı (similar to ravioli, they may be filled with soy instead of meat), all sorts of cheese and olives and bready stuff… I’m getting hungry just by writing this. So, don’t worry, you’ll be fine. 😉
      Have a great trip and enjoy Istanbul!

      • Thanks so much for the information! I loved reading about Turkish foods and customs on your blog.

      • Thank you, Kari, for your kind words. I hope to see you around again and am looking forward to reading about your adventures as well.

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