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The German bill

Who's paying for the meal?

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If you ever visit Turkey you’ll feel like a VIP. That’s because you’ll be treated like a king or a queen. Turkey is recognized as being one of the most hospitable places on earth. You’ll generally be received with open arms and huge smiles and be offered coffee and çay wherever you go. I once asked a Turk why foreigners are treated in such a special way. His reply was: “Foreigners are guests. And guests are sent by Allah. They are a gift that make our days brighter.“ I found this to be a nice explanation.

When having a meal or a drink out, you’ll generally be invited by your hosts. Among friends it’s not uncommon to share the bill. Everyone just throws in whatever they got. Students sometimes do pay separately. That’s called Alman hesabı (German bill). Couples in Germany often pay individually which would be considered rude in most collectivistic cultures. I’ve even heard about families with kids that split bills which I personally find quite unromantic.

How are these matters treated in your country? Do you have any payment preferences? What’s the place where you have felt the most welcome so far?I’d love to read your opinion.

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  1. Ah, I still cannot get over how hospitable Turks are. And they just keep you eating more and more until you’re about to explode.

    From where I’m from, it depends on the situation but usually it’s about the same. If we have someone over though, home food is the ultimate food rather that eating out. And unfortunately we don’t have this coffee or tea culture, which is a shame really.

  2. I know! Whenever you say you’re full they go “Why??”, haha. And I agree with you, home food is the best. 😉

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